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The London Fields Brewery, purveyor of self-conscious craft beers like ‘Hackney Hopster’ and ‘Black Path Porter’, has started producing a beer called ‘Love not War’:

"First brewed barricaded in the brewery during the London riots, this brooding red ale is an ode to all things peace and love. A true union of malt and hops, with silky texture and soft caramel flavours cuddling up to a rich pear and summer fruit character."

If only the rioters could get along like malt and hops. If only the residents of Hackney could form a union as strong as that between caramel and summer fruits.

Meanwhile, £1.5 million earmarked for rebuilding riot-struck businesses is being used to establish a ‘fashion hub’ in the railway arches along Morning Lane. Car mechanics and machinists are being evicted.

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[Coolio - 1, 2, 3, 4 (Sumpin’ New) (HD/ Dirty) (by HQmvideo)] I’ve been thinking about this since I finally watched all of Sex House, including the finale when one of the house guests says he now works for Coolio, at his hotel. “There’s like the Coolio that the public sees, and then the Coolio that I know behind closed doors, and like, they’re both very real.”

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