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For several years now, the bird has been a design go-to, gracing many a Roman blind and last-minute birthday card. Now, The Wall Street Journal has declared a high-fashion “avian invasion,” noting that the recent collections were filled with bird images, including Carolina Herrera’s bird-printed shifts and Reed Krakoff’s gyrfalcons on T-shirts and dresses. … It seemed like the bird fetish might have faded out more than a year ago, when the popular show Portlandia ran a sketch of two insufferably hipster designers visiting a vintage store and applying birds to every teapot and tote, declaring: “Put a bird on it!” The sketch was scathing enough that anyone with a large metal bird hanging on a kitchen wall felt a little sheepish. … [Salon] interviewed shopkeepers who felt their bird-related products had taken a hit post-Portlandia. Economic ripple effects from comedy are difficult to measure, but, anecdotally, I have noticed that it is now impossible to give the aforementioned bird-print birthday card without some smartass chiming in: “Put a bird on it!”
Why birds are taking flight in hipster culture - The Globe and Mail. I had the same reaction—aren’t we already over birds?

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